Soulstone Gathering Afterburner 2019 – The Passage

Energy twists every single limb we have, at the same time compressing us to one, singular point of almost infinite density. We feel like our bodies are now deconstructed to atoms, capable of feeling almost every single one of them. Yet, in this very moment, emotion of overwhelming integrity with the universe is upon us… After a brief moment, the feeling passess…

The dust has settled, ritual is now complete. Afterburner party, the finale of our yearly, most abitious yet triptych, is now over. Gnoza inducted a rythmic, mystic trance in our hearts, while Moonstone offered more classical approach to The Riff. Merkabah and sunnata both brought us to very distant, yet fascinating worlds.

Below you can browse gallery from the event. Thank you for your support and see you next year!