Soulstone Gathering 2019 – Nowy Świat – G’ Day

While we tread carefully on the surface of new world, our spirits are high with the Unknown Man’s guidance. It’s time to explore the planet. The Portal is getting closer and with every step we feel how it’s power pulsates toward us. And also, there is something else…

The second day of the main event is now over. We started off with relaxing and sunny vibes of Arcadian Child, who mix the chill of Cyprus, stoner and oriental melodies. Mr Bison went back to classics again, mixing stuff up with strong scent of blues and atmosphere of London’s pubs. Electric Moon opened a new world in front of us with their trippy, acid set full of impros, endless jamming and creative soundscapes. Mars Red Sky proved once more that they earned their position within the French scene rightfully and Julien’s Pras ethereal voice almost hypnotized us. We closed the second day with Graveyard’s extensive and essentional set – if anyone doubted that the Swedish legends of contemporary hard rock were back for good, there was no room for uncertainty after the show.

Below you’ll find some photos – thank you for coming and see you!