Soulstone Gathering 2019 – A New World – G’ Day

The new world seems to welcome us gracefully. We feel it’s pulse, unrecognizable, yet powerful There’s a portal ahead of us, a shiny passage, shimmering with billions of lights… Let’s go.

First day of the Soulstone Gathering 2019 is over now. We started the celebration with fresh as a sea breeze post-grunge set by .WAVS, which reminded us why 90’s were cool and why nowadays it’s even cooler. After the ocean’s roar, we found meditative peace within warm soundcape of ARRM’s show with yet unreleased material. Pomeranian noise rockers, Lonker See, enchanted us as always with their bravado impros and creative soundblasting. We’ve also seen Dutch band GOLD, returning to Cracow after the Black Gathering event, haunting us with dreamy yet dreary post-punk/ shoegaze extravaganza. The cherry on top was relaxing soundscapes created by Weedpecker, heroically stepping up for Toundra, held back by the most unfortunate flight cancelation.

Below you’ll find some pics and impressions form G Day – enjoy and see you soon!