Sinoptik: “I just followed music’s call”

What?s the story behind Sinoptik? Tell us how did you meet each other and decided to start makin music.

Dima Sinoptik: We met at the very right time and place. First I met Dima Frosby back in 2011, and then he brought along Slava some time later. Currently we fit each other very nicely, like a strong fast working machine, moving forward. I never really decided to make music, it was the music itself, she decided, and I just followed her calling.

Why don?t you have a record label? Have you ever had some proposal but you had to refuse it? And if so – why? Wasn?t that hard to release your two records alone?

Dima Sinoptik: We are still in search of a perfect record deal for us. And yes we had to refuse a few proposals, because we didn’t see how those labels would benefit us. Releasing wasn?t easy, we can?t lie about that. But it’s still doable even without a major label. The most tricky part is to deliver your record worldwide, having a good label of course helps with that.

Your music is a conglomerate of many different genres – do you think you?ve finally found your own sound or you still searching for it? What exactly do you mean by ?digital stoner??

Dmitry Frosby: We are trying to combine the power of stoner music with digital synthesizers sounds. First idea was to use synths as a guitar to play riffs. Off course, in our music and sound you can hear influences of classic old-school rock which we love dearly.

I consider you as a hard working band – you have 2 long plays so far, but you have many great music videos, professionally edited live videos, you play a lot of shows around many countries – it takes a lot of time so isn?t that hard to have a personal life, job and other stuff?

Slava Los: Now we are focusing only on music. It?s not so easy, but it works out good.

Dima Sinoptik: it might sound too serious and boring, but you have to work very hard to earn something in the music world. We do have personal life and other things, but sometimes they have to wait, while we fight for success.

I really like Dima?s vocal style. Did you ever take a vocal lessons?

Dima Sinoptik: at various points in life I did take vocal lessons. Vocal teachers can really teach you some useful things, but you have to know precisely what are you after in your vocal learning.

The song ?White cats? – does it have the reference to the current situation in Eastern Ukraine?

Dima Sinoptik: many our songs reflect what we encounter in our life, be it war or peace. I would say that this song is more about freedom fighters and the struggles of defenders of truth. So this could be not only about our country, the spirit of this song can be applied to many countries worldwide.

Could you tell us why did you name your first album 16/58? What?s the story behind it?

Dmitry Frosby: Once I watched criminal news on local TV and they showed this story: in some hotel room the police found two naked bodies: a 58-year old man and a 16-year old girl. I thought that was rather strange, but it sounded good and so we decided to use these numbers as a name of our new song. Later we chose this as a title for our album.

You set your location on Bandcamp to Los Angeles. Is that some kind of guideline where the overall atmosphere of your music goes?

Dima Sinoptik: we might say so, yes. To us the city of Los Angeles sounds very distant, dreamy and beautiful. The land of dreams, the land of the strong and famous. I think we would fit very perfectly in such a place.

We know that Igor Sidorenko supports Ukrainian independent scene – what is your relationship? Do you know each other very good?

Dima Sinoptik: we know each, we play at each other gigs sometimes, and just visit each other gigs too. Some people say that we are the musicians who are shaping current Ukrainian rock scene. But I?d rather say we are both very goal-orientated people, determined to make Ukrainian rock music world famous.  

How did you know about Soulstone Gathering?

Dima Sinoptik: Thanks to facebook we heard about this festival and its promoters. Also Igor Sidorenko recommended the festival to us.

You?ve recorded a beautiful video at Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kyiv – can you tell us something about that festival? Is that the biggest show you?ve ever took part in?

Dima Sinoptik: this wasn?t a festival, it was a big nationwide concert of one of the biggest ukrainian rock bands, Okean Elzy. And they honored us with an invitation to share the stage with them. This was a marvelous experience for us! Such energy, strength and grandeur! So far this was the biggest show for us, and we are looking forward to have more like this one in the nearest future.

Thank you very much for this interview!