Following interview with Conan’s Jon Davis is as laconic and no-bullshit, straight to the point as are band’s lyrics. Enjoy.

Have you seen the new Joker movie already? How did you like it?

I saw it and I thought it was awesome. The movie was pretty dark and gritty, I enjoyed that aspect of it.

What are your favourite villains of pop culture/ myths and why?

Medusa was a cool myth, and had such an awesome / horrible way to kill people.

In some of the interviews you’ve stated, that you’re not that much of a fantasy geek. What is the source of inspiration and driving force behind Conan’s lyrics?

Our lyrics come from mythology and sword and sorcery movies. I sometimes draw upon real life and turn it on its head to make it fit with the lyrical themes within the songs – but mainly I draw from Tolkien / Robert E Howard and scenes from Skyrim.

What classes did you favor in Skyrim? Are you excited for the next TES?

Always the mage. If I find some time I’ll play a bit more but right now it’ll be tricky.

Is Conan’s music  pure power/ battle fantasy or you tend to include some of the personal experiences? Is there some innate truth you want to share/ shed light on?

Nah, not really. There is no truth in our lyrics, I prefer to write about stuff that isn’t personal

And as a recipient of culture/ music you prefer when artists write about personal stuff or rather avoid it?

Conan isn’t really the correct vehicle for personal music in my opinion.

Some say contemporary doom metal scene strayed quite far from classic heavy doom metal (e.g. Candlemass)? What’s your opinion on that matter?

I think the contemporary doom metal / heavy music scene is a little fractious now. There are to omany genres and I think that what we call ‘doom metal’ not is a milion miles away from what is meant to be. I’m not sure how to put my finger on it exactly, but it is big business now and of course some people will cut corners. 

New wave of doom metal is rising in popularity, with more and more acts being committed to the whole thing. With Conan you’ve been there even before that time. Whence the popularity of the genre comes from?

I think it stems from the hard work from bands over the years. Starting with Blue Cheer /Sabbath / Trouble / EYehategod / Sleep / High On Fire and so on. They were playing heavy music when it wasn’t popular and kept at it. This created the groundword that we all enjoy now. We owe them a huge debt.

 To you – personally – what doom/ sludge is about? How not to lose that spark of originality as a band in the genre that one might say is very… generic, if you know what I’m trying to say here.

I think that to keep things original you have to keep pushing things forward and not look too much at your influences. If youi do that you will start. To sound too much like them.

Both Conan and Ungraven’s lyrics/ themes are rather grim and pessimistic as I read them. On the other hand – you’re a father. How do you connect being a parent and an artist with this very unpleasant view of the world?

I get a little more pleasure out of writing darker lyrics now. It kind of cuts more when I’m performing live.being a musician helps me to vent a little and that helps with dealing with some of the bvullshit involved in modern life. I hope that my kids listen to my music when they are older and discover a side of me that they maybe didn’t get to know when they were growing up. I feel like I’m writing an instruction manual for life, that they can discover and read when they are older.

Like, use hawk as a weapon and smash the skulls of kids they don’t like?

Well, I wouldn’t advocate violence to my children but I’d certainly teach them that life is tough but music is an important tool you can use to make it fun.