apey-and-the-peaWe’ve been talking with one and only Andras “Apey” Aron from Apey & The Pea. Here’s everything you need to know about this killer band!

I want to say at the beginning of this interview, that I?ve been waiting for your show in Poland for quite a long time. I know that you were here before, but unfortunately I wasn?t able to be at you show then. I heard that due to not so good promotion a lot of people didn?t know about your gigs. But now, I can assure you that Jacek is doing his best to let your every fan in Poland to know, that you will be playing here in Cracow. There are a lot of people waiting for your gig. How do you recall your last shows here and your first visit in Poland?

Well thank you very much sir, that sounds incredible, can’t wait. To be honest we were pretty much ruined by the time we got to Cracow the last time, but we did enjoy it very much, the thing I remember the most is that everyone was smoking inside so the air was like super fucking heavy. Although it was a fun ride.

I want to get back to your beginnings for a moment. You first EP ?The Day Ends? was very different from what we know from your two full-length albums that come after the EP. What happened that you decided to take different approach on your two last records?

Not sure if it was a conscious decision, more like a change in the taste of heavy music. Around 2009-2012 I started getting into doom, sludge or call it whatever, for me it’s just the sweetest sound in heaviness, the low end the slow tempo and the apocalyptic vibe that surrounds this genre and style of how you play the drums, bass, guitars, vocals, lyrics so yeah, it just got me by the balls and when I was living in London for a few years I saw these great bands like Electric Wizard, Sleep, Black Cobra, huge impact on me.

What will be next? Are you working on something right now? Could we expect another about-face in your music?

Yeah man, we are finishing the III. album in a few weeks, we go into studio by the end of the year, so it should be out in April. Yeah well this one is definitely the most terrifying scariest darkest shit I heard in my entire life, very different, it has alot to do with hardcore, death, thrash but somehow it’s  still the same taste in your mouth.

hellish-coverWhile I?m talking with musicians from different countries, it always surprise me, what is odd and strange for them in another countries, when they?re visiting them during tours. Do you have that kind of things that are weird in your homeland but not in countries you?re visiting?

Countries are different obviously, people as well, atmosphere has alot to do with it what I saw. We all have different needs, different speed. Hungary is a very fast and not really friendly or open if you’re from the outside so it’s always cool for us where ever we go cause usually the tempo is alot more slower and less stressy then we’re used to, people are chilled.

I?m a big fan of the old, black & white horror movies. And you seem to like it too as I am assuming from your music videos for ?Judas? or ?Abraham?. What stories you?re trying to tell through them? Could you tell us titles of those movies?

Both movies impressed me alot, “Hexan” Witchcraft through the Ages was done in 1922, still scares the shit out of me, in fact I find these movies alot more scarier than the modern shit you watch in the theaters now days. “Abraham” was based of “Black Sunday” aka The Mask of Satan which is a Italian one from 1960. Nothing special I guess, I just really dug how Electric Wizard used alot of satanic, cult visuals while they were playing.

If you could perform one song with Phil Anselmo, what would it be? You could pick from your, his or anybody else repertoire.

Shit.. I would probably go with “It Makes Them Disappear” on guitar, him on vocals.

There?s plenty of Bible references in your music. What is it in this particular book that inspires you? And if we?re talking about it, do you think too, that the most vicious and bloody figure in this whole story is in the fact God?

Not sure if I’m in the position to judge the bible, or anyone in it. For me it’s a fairy tale which was re-written who knows how many times. Can’t really rely on that can we. It contains alot of good and wise things that you can use in your everyday life as a lesson, also there’s alot of chaotic, over thought non sense which has the best song titles and lyrics if you are going for heavy metal stuff (laughs).

I?m playing bass and I always wanted to play some of your songs, but I can?t find any tutorials or tabs and I?m not so good in playing music by ear. Would you consider doing some bass tutorials someday?

I’m not sure, Zoli is the man for that, we have a few videos where I play a few songs on guitar, but I’m not sure if there’s an actual tutorial or a tab up in internet land.

Do you know bands that you will be playing with during Soulstone Gathering? Are you waiting for any of them especially?

Not really, we don’t know them sadly. I checked a few out, Major Kong sounds very cool to me, can’t wait to check those dudes out!

Thank you for the interview and see you in Cracow! 

Thank you my man, see you guys, love you guys!

Interviewer: Michał Smoll